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Manufacturing & Supply of Galvalume Sheet

Galvalume Sheets Supplier in India

With advanced software and state of the art fully automated factory, Amiya has now installed sheet forming line for providing strong, durable and economic solution for colour coated sheets introduced as AMRIB profile.

AMRIB is the new generation of wide cover sheeting materials. The panels are manufactured from high tensile steel coils of 345/550 Mpa yield strength. The specially designed shape of the profile combined with high tensile property of the steel materials gives it strength and economy. The panels are durable and perform over a long period of time.

AMRIB panels can be used in exterior and interior on straight or curved surfaces. Apart from roof and side clad of industrial buildings it has many other applications like ceiling, partition, facings, doors, fascias etc.

Amiya's Product Range

Advantage of AMRIB Galvalume Sheet

1. Bare Galvaume Sheet.

1. Rust Proof / Corrosion Free

2. Colour coated Galvaume Sheet.

2. Aesthitically looks excellent /

3. Prepainted color coatrd Galvaume

3. Maintenance free

4. All kind of accessaries

4. Leak proof 100%


5. High strength with less suporting

Amiya's Assurance

• Delivery in quickest manner as per schedule / need.
• Versatile colour range
• Providing sheet calculation and its accessories (In House)
• Layong of sheets and accessories
• Competitive Price.


AMRIB Accessories

AMRIB Plain Accessories:

Aluminium Fixed Louvre




Plain Ridge

Gable Corner Flashing


Wall Trim


Rain Water
down Pipe

Louver (B)



AMRIB Trapezoidal Accessories:


Northlight Curvature