Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEB)

Amiya designs, fabricates, supplies and erects pre-engineered metal buildings (PEB) using Plated Portals. “Pre-Engineered Building” are those which are fully fabricated in the factory after designing and all components are assembled and erected at site with bolts, thereby reducing the time of erection. Factories, godowns, shopping complexes, show rooms, sporting complexes, recreation centers, assembly halls, etc. are covered under Pre-engineered Buildings.The advantages of plated portal steel buildings are:

  • Larger clear spans ranging from 40M and above
  • Larger bay spacing thereby reducing the number of foundations and columns
  • Better metal cladding system for aesthetically attractive structures
  • Ease of constructing multi-deck structures
  • Earthquake-resistant
  • Less dust accumulation
  • Easy maintenance

Configuration of pre-engineered build systems:

  • The steel frame structures are designed with welded built up sections
  • The purlins and runners are made of formed sections generally in the form of 'Z' section except at eaves where purlins are of 'C' section
  • The roofs can be shielded providing FASCIA at eave level to cover the roof sheet render the appearance of show-rooms
  • Roof and Sides are generally covered with profiled colour coated galvanised steel sheet of thickness approx. 0.5mm.
  • These sheets are fixed with purlins and runners with self-tapping screws
  • Under the roof sheet generally glass wool/rock wool insulation of 50mm thickness is provided
  • Necessary steel sliding door and/or aluminium windows are provided on sides/end walls per requirement
  • Sky light panels in the roof are provided by introducing fibre glass reinforced polyester sheets of standard size 1.0M x 3.0M.
  • Under the roof sheet generally glass wool/rock wool insulation of 50mm thickness is provided.

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