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Scaffolding & Formwork (rental facilities available)

Amiya is a fast growing scaffolding manufacturing and rental firm in India. We have a huge manufacturing unit as well as a large stock for letting, and we assure prompt delivery of any type of scaffolding material from any corner of the globe. We even have a section for the customised manufacturing and sale of such products.

At Amiya, we have developed expertise steel scaffolding, formwork, and centering for industrial as well as non-industrial purposes. We work wholeheartedly to come up with ingenious scaffolding products. We are the manufacturers of scaffold tubes, which are made of 40mm NB ‘heavy’ class mild steel of lengths 4.5-6 mm, continuously welded to conform to the IS 1161/1239 grade, YST-210.

Our diverse range of specialised products includes:

  • Scaffolding - Clamps - Right Angle, Swivel and Putlog, Couplers - Expanding Joint Pin, Staircase, and Sleeve, Adjustable Head Base Plates, Adjustable Stirrup Heads, Propex, Caster Wheels.

  • Quicklock system - Verticals standards, Ledgers, Transoms – Horizontal and Omega, Spigots and Spigot Locks, Spacers, Clip Locks, Collar Grips, Steel Battens, Board Brackets, Cantilever Frames.

  • Wedgelock system.

  • All purpose scaffolding - 3-Way Clamps, Lugs, Ledgers.

  • H-Frame - Cross Braces, Flip Locks, Spring Clips, Plow Bolts, Split Pin Locks.

  • Span - Adjustable Beam Spans.

  • Telescopic props - Adjustable Steel Props with U-Head, Beam Head, and Flat Square Head.

  • Clamps - Adjustable Beam Clamps and Column Clamps.

  • Floor forms - Adjustable Column Shuttering and Flanges.

  • Concrete Hardware - Plastic Cones, Loops, Tie Bolts, Water Seal Ties, Washers.

  • Wallform climbing steel shuttering - Channel Soldiers and Heavy Duty Soldiers, Internal Corner Panels and External Corner Panels, Flexible Wall Form Panels, Splay Panels, Clips - Bridge, Double, Single, Wedge, Bolt Assembly.

Typical Applications:

  • Round Towers
  • Interior Churches.
  • Stairway Towers.
  • Boiler and Power Plants.
  • Shipbuilding
  • Centering and Shuttering.
  • Rolling Towers.