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Prefabricated Tubular / Rolled steel Structure

Pre-fabricated (Tubular / Rolled) Steel Structure Manufacturer in India

Amiya is a pioneer in the pre-fabricated rolled and tubular steel structure fraternity, and is a provider of high quality customised solutions.

Yes, the application of pre-engineering building structures that bear hollow, steel sections is a concept which is still nascent in India. However, the design team at Amiya, has been an early adopter. We have been able to develop building designs economically with such hollow, tubular sections. The biggest advantage of using them is their ease of manufacturing, transporting and setting up at different locations.

At Amiya, we indulge in the fabrication and installation of these tubular structures. We make sure to order raw materials of ASTM, IS or an equivalent standard. These materials are then inventoried at our factory with certified mill test reporting. Accredited welders at Amiya carry out the welding work complying with the most recent Structural Welding Code. After that, our Department of Quality Assurance sees to it that all the Quality Control and Management processes are strictly adhered to during the entire processing of an order.

The many benefits of rolled and tubular pre-fabricated structures:

• Construction is quicker and easier.
• Layouts are flexible.
• Construction processes are more economic.
• The structure bears seismic resistance.
• It is resistant to corrosion as well.
• It comes for a very low cost of maintenance.

Erection procedure of tubular / Rolled modular steel structures:

• The truss in parts are assembled on the ground
  (initially 2 trusses) and lifted with cranes/derricks and are placed on RCC Columns

• Purlins and bottom runners are fixed to the trusses

• Consequently, two trusses are assembled, lifted and connected by purlins and bottom runners

• Once four trusses are erected, two sets of Column bracings at two sides are fixed

• This procedure is continued till all the trusses are erected followed by erection of all purlins, bottom runners and column bracings

All nuts of anchor bolts are tightened

• The laying of sheets start once the structures are erected

• Sheeting starts from eave towards the ridge .

Typical Applications of Tubular & Rolled modular steel structures:

Industrial purposes: Tubular / rolled modular steel structures can be used for the setting up of factories, warehouses, godowns, and any type of bulk storage space.

Commercial purposes: These structures can be used for the construction of showrooms, offices, supermarkets, service camps and labour stands.

Institutional & Recreational purposes: They can also be used to build auditorium, exhibition hall, public halls, sports centres, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and hospitals.

Agricultural purposes: If a storage house for grains or a building for poultry or even a dairy farm is to be set up, these structures can offer a robust establishment.

Military purposes: From aviation hangars to barracks to administrative buildings - every space can have a sturdy build if tubular / rolled modular steel structures are used.