What’s the Principle of Space Frame in Steel Structure Construction?

A space frame is a truss-like structure manufactured from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. They are lightweight and rigid and can be implemented to span expansive areas with minimal interior support. The triangle’s intrinsic stiffness makes these structures durable. The bending stresses are transferred down the length of every strut as compression and tension. […]

Top 10 Pre-Engineered Building Manufacturers Companies in India

In modern industrial construction, the role of Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) cannot be ignored. Made of sturdy metal, these buildings show signs of efficient and innovative structure. Most manufacturers typically design and assemble pre-engineered buildings off-site. Growth of PEB Industries in India: When talking about the Best PEB Companies in India, you will find a host […]

How Can You Select a Reliable Steel Composite Building Firm?

Steel Composite Building

A steel composite building is a structure that blends both steel and composite materials in its construction. This building harnesses the strengths of both materials to develop a structure that is highly efficient, durable, and cost-effective. There are multiple firms specialising in steel composite buildings. Choosing the right one among them is a difficult affair. […]

What Is PEB ?

PEB stands for “Pre-engineered Building.” PEB construction refers to a specific method of designing and fabricating buildings using a systematic and efficient approach. In PEB construction, the entire building is pre-engineered and pre-fabricated off-site, and then assembled on-site. This process is known for its cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, and flexibility in design. The Amiya Group […]

Benefits of PEB Buildings :

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB / PEB ) offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for various construction projects. The AMIYA COMMERCE & CONSTRUCTION CO.PVT.LTD.  has established themselves as the benchmark in pre-fabricated modular steel and metal buildings. AMIYA offer customized solutions for commercial and non-commercial building structures Delivered with Precision and Care with 70 […]