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    With more than 70 years of PEB manufacturing experience, our Amiya Group of Companies team has become the most trusted name in PEB construction and installation.

    Our wide range of PEB structures are served in different industrial niches like Factory Buildings, Stadium, Shopping Malls, Aircraft Hanger, Godown, Auditoriums, Sports Complexes, Warehouses, Factory, Educational Institute, All Industrial Structures, Hotels, Multi-Storey Steel Buildings and Community Centres, Labour Colony etc. We are one of the leading pre engineered building manufacturers in India.

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    Give a new look to your construction projects with Amiya's premium pre-engineered solutions.
    We have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in PEB buildings. We provide affordable and fast installation services. Whether you need a unique and durable PEB structure, a robust PEB frame structure or a steel composite building – we are ready to turn your dreams into reality.

    Construction Sector

    Our prefab construction inventories include a huge range of products that fulfil the needs of any
    commercial or industrial construction. Our modular and prefabricated construction installations last for
    years, and they are highly reliable.

    Industrial Sectors

    Apart from building sectors, being a reputed PEB construction company, we supply our  steel frame
    construction products to industries. As the leading pre engineering building company, we ensure best
    quality pre engineered buildings suitable for industries.

    Institutional & Educational Sectors

    Our extensive range of modular and prefabricated construction structures is perfect for erecting an
    institutional and educational building. A prefabricated structure is an excellent alternative to traditional

    Infrastructural sectors

    At Amiya, one of the reputed pre engineered metal building contractors, we aim to create a difference
    in the infrastructural domain. We have been doing this for many years. To date, we have completed
    many projects in this sector. We have constructed hotels, offices, warehouses, toll plaza and airports too.

    Key Features

    The PEB structures from a peb building manufacturerare affordable compared to their traditional counterparts, such as iron. They need very little material and labour to design and install.
    Durability And Safety
    PEB structures ensure high-end durability and safety in the workplace. As they resist major weather conditions, buildings made with PEB can withstand extreme climates.
    Design Flexibility
    PEBs can easily be customised as per the design requirements. They have high-end flexibility in terms of building layout, shape and size.
    Minimum Maintenance
    PEB buildings require very low maintenance. As they can withstand extreme weather conditions and corrosion, they are not easily damaged by any external factor.
    Fire Resistant
    PEB structures are highly immune and have high melting points, making them best against any fire damage.
    They Are Robust
    They are very strong and can last for several years in the future. As they are resistant to fire, rain, wind and extreme sunlight, they are used as the best alternative to iron.

    Comparative Studies

    Give a new look to your construction projects with Amiya's premium pre-engineered solutions.
    No. Evaluation Criteria PEB Building Conventional / RCC Structure
    The PEB structures are almost 30% lighter than traditional buildings.
    They have hot-rolled structural integrity, making them excessively heavy.
    PEB buildings have a simple design, are easy to build,d and require a simple design foundation.
    Require substantial investment in the foundation as weight is higher and requires more expenses on construction cost.
    The primary members are tapered or straight in design economically , and the secondary members are lightweight
    Primary members are hot rolled "I" sections, and secondary ones are "I" & "C", making them heavier.
    Delivery Speed
    The components of PEB buildings are designed for fast production at factories and require less installation time at site.
    The delivery time for conventional structures is extensively prolonged, than PEB buildings.
    Clear Span
    Large areas can be made with PEB that help to get more column-free area.
    The large clear spans are challenging to construct for conventional buildings.
    The components are specially designed and improve the PEB structures' performance.
    These components are designed individually, reducing performance, than PEB.
    Cost of Construction
    PEB buildings can save up to 30-40% on cost while being designed and installed.
    The cost to construct the traditional structures is more than 30-40% more than the PEB buildings.
    Resistant to Earthquake
    The PEB steel structures are well resistant to extreme seismic actions due to their design weight, lightweight and flexibility.
    Conventional buildings may not resist seismic actions due to their huge weight.


    Comparative Studies

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