Experts in Constructing Prefabricated Labour Quarters

Prefabricated Labour Quarters

Amiyaco is the name that comes to mind when discussing prefabricated labour quarters. We are the eminent manufacturer of many products, including labour colonies, portable containers, prefab site school extensions, and more. All our structures are installed using the latest technologies and equipment to fulfill industry standards. Prefab Labour Colony structures are widely popular among clients involved in the construction realm.

The key features of prefab labour colonies

• Lightweight and strong
• Fire-resistant and durable
• Non-toxic and non-organic
• Quick and fast installation
• Easy to transport
• Earthquake resistant
• Reduced construction time and cost

Good Quality Prefabricated Labour Quarters for Civil Establishment

Our wide range of prefabricated colonial structures are well appreciated by clients due to their strong build, beautiful structure, great finish, and robust strength. Our fabricated structures are made to meet the needs of the clients. All the prefabricated buildings are waterproof, termite resistant, and well-recognised due to their high durability. We take pride in offering the best customer service, promising on-time delivery of products and trusted services.

Our applications include-

• Temporary offices
• Construction sites
• Labour colonies
• Labour camps
• Warehouses and dormitories
Buy the best quality Prefabricated Labour Quarters from Amiyaco.