Specialised Prefabricated Warehouse Structures

Prefabricated Warehouse

Prefabricated warehouse structures are a boon for industries that need to move their warehouses from one location to the other. At Amiya, we manufacture prefabricated warehouses, factory sheds, and warehouse sheds for different industries. Our prefabricated products are made of good-quality steel and available in colour-coated options.

Get in touch with us for specialised factory and warehouse sheds widely used for godowns, factories, repair shops, storage plants, workshops and even poultry farms.

Why is a prefabricated warehouse shed a good option?

At Amiya, we manufacture prefabricated warehouses and sheds that provide innumerable benefits. Here’s why prefabricated warehouses and factory sheds are a great option.

● We manufacture PEB sheds and warehouses which can be assembled anywhere
● We make PEB structures that can be conveniently installed everywhere per industrial requirements.
● We offer limitless customisation options for factory and warehouse sheds.
● We use the best quality steel for PEB structures and ensure we manufacture weather-resistant structures.
● We use computer-aided technologies to manufacture and produce PEB structures.

We’ve made life easier for industries with a wide range of PEB structures, warehouses, and factory sheds.