Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEB)

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

PEB buildings are designed to meet the structural needs of commercial customers. Do you want a pre-constructed building for your office premises? Get in touch with Amiya, one of the best PEB companies in India.

We offer tailor-made PEB structures, which will be constructed per your instructions. Our buildings are designed to meet the exact specifications. Are you in a hurry to get your office building completed? Then contact us. We are the best PEB company in Kolkata. We offer instant construction solutions for all types of structures.

Our PEB structures are:

● Built according to the specifications of the customers
● Built to serve the functionality of the customer’s needs
● Has thermal insulation properties
● It has unique building designs with self-adhesive nature
● Built with care to withstand all types of weather conditions
● Built with non-corrosive materials to keep the same durability in the long run.

Why choose us?

At Amiya, we use a revolutionary method for manufacturing PEB structures. Our team is committed to giving the best quality PEB structures instantly and within your range. Here’s why you should contact us.

● We built PEB structures faster than the conventional construction process.
● We offer PEB structures at affordable rates because of reduced labour costs.
● We eliminate the need for on-site construction hassles and reduce the cost of manufacturing.
● We design PEB structures that withstand all types of harsh weather conditions.

Contact us for different commercial structures, including factory sheds, warehouses, workshops and even small residential buildings.

Our team possesses unmatched expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing different PEB structures. If you’re looking for a reliable pre-engineered steel building manufacturing company in Kolkata, we are the name you can use.

Contact us and share your requirements, and we will quote you accordingly.

Structural Design and Drawing

Amiya is a leading designer, manufacturer, supplier and erector of plated portal Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEB) in India. We deal in PEBs made of steel that are entirely factory manufactured post designing. Their erection involves the assembling of all the components and the use of bolts on-site, which is extremely time-saving. PEB encompasses all types of constructions, including shopping malls, factories, showrooms, godowns, auditoria, sports complexes, and even community centres.

The Many Benefits of PEB:

Configuration of pre-engineered build systems:

Amiya makes sure that every PEB it designs, fabricates, supplies, or erects, always meets industry standard and satisfies customers. Want to seek our services? Give us a call now!