Space Frame Structures

Space Frame Manufacturer in India

Amiya is a leading space frame structures manufacturer in India focusing on manufacturing ball joint space frames, mild steel space frames, entrance frames, tubular spaces and space roofing frames. We have years of experience designing, executing and installing space frame structures.

We have a proven record of successfully constructing high-quality space frame structures per the requirements and space availability. With the help of cutting-edge technology, our team of experienced manufacturers will transform your vision into a reality with the most aesthetic space frame structures.

Space Frame Structures – Commercial Structures For Aesthetics

These are three-dimensional structures that are self-supporting and formed with interlocking struts and nodes. We make lightweight, durable, sturdy and flexible space frame structures.

Our high-quality space frame structures are used in the following:

● Commercial and industrial premises
● Commercial auditoriums
● Coverings in exhibition halls
● Coverings of sports stadiums
● Space structures for toll booths

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How can space frame structures be helpful?

Having cladding on top of a property is a convenient option. You can get different designs and flexible options for fittings and fixtures for space frame structures with us. Here’s why you should get space frame structures for your property.

● Get a space frame structure with the best roofing quality that deflects rays.
● Get quickly erected with a minimum amount of materials and at affordable costs.
● Material stacking, storage and transportation of pre-engineered space frames are easy and convenient.

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Space Frame Structures Manufacturer in India

At Amiya, our Space Frame Structures are as versatile as our vision. We own a robust experience of designing and executing a plenty of prestigious projects of space frame structures. These include both simple and intricate projects ranging from bus shelters to stadia.

Space Frames are generally pantographic 3-D skeletal frameworks that comprise of pin-connected members. They fall under the category of Architectural Structure, which are interlinked grids of a single, double or multi layer. These grids assist in the 3-D load sharing within the framework.

Such structures include cones and nodes, and are extremely flexible. The following are their benefits:

Configuration of space frame build systems: