What’s the Principle of Space Frame in Steel Structure Construction?

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A space frame is a truss-like structure manufactured from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. They are lightweight and rigid and can be implemented to span expansive areas with minimal interior support. The triangle’s intrinsic stiffness makes these structures durable.
The bending stresses are transferred down the length of every strut as compression and tension. Steel space frame manufacturers can familiarise you with the working principle of these structures.

Construction Principle of Space Frame Steel Structures

The working principle of these structures includes the following aspects:

• Node connection:

These structures link components through nodes. The multiple components are linked to each node to create a spatial grid structure. Usually, node connections are made using welding, riveting, and bolts. It ensures that the connection between the component and the node is reliable and strong.

• Tension and compression members:

The space frame steel structure elements consist of tension and compression members. These components are mostly made of steel bars or steel tubes.

• Steel pipe nodes:

They are critical components in space frame structures. They connect compression and tension elements. They are composed of node plates and several steel pipes connected by bolts or welding.

• Diagonal braces:

The space frame steel structure has diagonal braces, which enhance its seismic and wind resistance capabilities.

• Overlap:

The overlap between elements is an integral aspect of space frame steel structures. It should be positioned at the node. The contact area between the components must be large to guarantee the stability and strength of the structure.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Steel Space Frame Manufacturer

Before choosing a space frame manufacturer, consider the following aspects:

• Years of operation:

Ensure the manufacturing company has been operating for several years.

• Expertise:

Determine the expertise of the professionals. You must assess whether they are acquainted with the latest tools and techniques.

• Reviews and testimonials:

Go through the reviews and testimonials to assess the organisation’s quality of services.

• Pricing structure:

Check the pricing scheme of the manufacturing business. If the charges fit your budget, you can proceed with the company or look for other options.

Space Frames Companies in India

By choosing the right steel space frame manufacturers, you can access quality products. If you are looking for a top-rated company that specialises in steel space frame manufacturing, contact the experts at Amiyaco today.